About Us

Inc. is founded by a well known business family which established the well known brand  more than 25 years ago to specialize in the manufacture of bearings and rollers for various applications. Over the last decade brands like Roll on , Holz etc were introduced in India which has become very popular.

Inc. was formed primarily for marketing a complete range of furniture hardware and are exclusive Indian partners for well known European brands likemepa starax mesan ozer-celik ETC. SLIDE SYSTEMS Inc. is managed by a team of young and dynamic entrepreneurs with more than 20 years of business experience between them.

The vision and mission of the company is to introduce top quality hardware products at affordable prices for the Indian market. The aim is to build a specialized workforce to provide both marketing and technical support to its customers without compromising on Business Ethics and Values including transparency, integrity etc. The long term vision of the company is to build the brand to become one of the respected and leading suppliers of hardware in the country.

To this effect the company has already established a trained work force in difference regions of the company and also setting up functional displays at customer outlets besides an application centre at Mumbai.