MEPA was established in İstanbul in 1987. Since it was establiçhed. MEPA atways is ensunng highesi customer satisfactıon Our R&D studies and Investmente reallze and make us ıan excellent prodiicer in ita sector worldwide. Produti range consists of: Sllding Door * Cupboard Systems, Földable Sllding System5.Synchronized Rall Mechanisms fDr Table, Slldlng Sysfa 'r-jrdrobes , Glass Door Sllding Systems from Floor to Celllng. Various Furorture Panel Accessones Includırtg Connectors :gs. R & D Is the blggest power of our company exlstencs. We arB the flntt and sola company İn Turkey whlch has EN 1527 European sllding systems standard granfed from Turktsn Standard Institulion. Today total plant area ts 16.000 m2 and from the raw rrraterial income fmat praduet. ali the steps are subject to stnet quallty control. The R&O Oıjallty.Custamer Satisfaction.Respanalbıty Seri Dlsclpllne and respect form dur polnt of view to Ihe market apd world.

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